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Architect - Acme

Dr.S.RM.Sokkalingam is the founder chairman of Acme Business School, Versatile Corporate Solutions, Versatile Publishing House and Versatile Business School. He was erstwhile senior banker in ICICI Bank and Bank of Madura Ltd. and has three decades of rich banking experience. Later he was Professor and Head, Department of Management Studies in acclaimed Engineering Colleges around Chennai over seven years.

His passion is training and development. University of Cambridge has certified one of his training institutions to prepare students for Cambridge English Exams. He is also a qualified trainer to train candidates for IELTS and BEC programs. He has trained over fifteen thousand students and corporate employees on communication and soft skills programs since 2005. One of his flagship programs ‘Speak English Effortlessly in 18 hours’ has evoked greatest response from a large number of participants. L&T consistently rated his training programs ranging 81 and 93% since 2012.